Commissioning a piece of art is a very simple and straightforward process

aud1I have done commission work for several years and it has been a very effective way to have a painting done in a personalized way, whether it’s for your home or a commercial space.

Perhaps you have already purchased a painting of mine and would like to add to the series. Alternatively, you have seen a painting in my collection that has already been sold and you are interested in having a similar piece commissioned. Additionally, you may have a particular space in your home in mind but with varying dimensions.

It’s a great way to get exactly what you’re looking for with the knowledge that the final painting will be stylistically and thematically similar. It can be a very exciting process especially for the individual who doesn’t have the time to venture into the galleries.

How to proceed…

9 (2)The best way to start the process is to contact me. I will be happy to discuss any preliminary ideas or requests you may have. In addition you may want to look in the gallery/Archive section of my website and browse through to determine the colour, style, composition that most appeals to you.

Home/Office consultations can be arranged to discuss your needs including space analysis, colours, composition, dimension and budget.

A quote will be based on previous work done in similar dimensions. A time frame for the requested work will be discussed which may vary relative to the size of the piece and other projects that may be on the go.

A small deposit will be requested to honour the commitment.

Please feel free to contact Audry to discuss any inquiries on the commission process.